Constitutional Amendments (Hespeler Minor Hockey Association)

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Motion #1 - Meeting of the Membership

Summary of Change

Add wording for meeting format (in-person or virtual)

7.1 Annual General Meeting of Members
The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year on or before April 30th, at a time, place, day, and format
(in-person or virtual)
determined by the Board, for the transaction of at least the following business, to be set out in the agenda of such Annual General Meeting;

Motion #2 - Merge Marketing Director with Communications Director

Summary of Change

8.1.3 Term of Office
Marketing Director – Elected – two (2) years plus two (2) months term (Voting member)
The following positions will be up for election in even numbered years: President, Registration and Privacy Director, Communications, Purchasing Director, Initiation Program Director and Marketing Director.

Merge Marketing Director responsibilities with responsibilities of Communications Director

8.2.13 Marketing Director

The Marketing Director shall:

coordinate online advertising campaigns in various social media applications (i.e. Facebook) 
develop content marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and HMHA web properties 
utilize online analytics tools to support HMHA advertising and marketing campaign
establish a team from within the Hespeler community to produce content covering HMHA program offerings, games and results,      featuring matchups, teams, players, coaches, and other topics as required
establish a recruitment campaign utilizing local events, such as school fun fairs, to engage directly with the community and drive    registration during the spring registration season
provide updates to the board on the performance of marketing campaigns
coordinate with other HMHA Directors to ensure all marketing messages are accurate and consistent with what is offered through    HMHA’s hockey program
laisse with local media sources including newspapers, radio, television and roadside signage for the purposes of promoting the        Association and player registration


Motion #3 - Remove Fundraising & Sponsorship from Ice Scheduler and Office Administrator 

Summary of Change 

8.1.3 Term of Office
Fundraising & Sponsorship Director - Elected - two (2) years plus (2) months

The following positions will be up for election in odd numbered years: Vice-President, Director of Hockey Operations/Development, Local League Director, Equipment Director, and Fundraising & Sponsorship Director.

Remove Fundraising & Sponsorship responsibilities from Ice Scheduler and Office Administrator

8.2.14 Fundraising and Sponsorship Director

The Fundraising & Sponsorship Director shall:

- set up an accurate recording system covering income and disbursements relating to sponsorship for delivery to the Treasurer;
- actively pursue new sponsorship projects in coordination co-ordination with the Tournament Director (for program)
  manage and supervise current sponsorship endeavors
-submit to the Budget Committee in each year an estimate of revenues and expenditures for the next fiscal year of the Association
  present a report regarding sponsorship to the Board
- In coordination co-ordination with Equipment Director, Jr. and Sr. HL/LL Directors, order and arrange to have sponsor bars placed    on U8/U9 all House League and Local League jerseys for which sponsors have been obtained
- be responsible for the establishment and execution of any fundraising by the association and to collect monies from such events    and deposit receipts with the Treasurer
- review and approve all fundraising events proposed by HMHA Representative, Local League, MD and Local House League teams      and co-ordinate all licensed fundraising activities with the appropriate Governing bodies

Motion #4 - General Grammar and Naming

Summary of Change 

Correct general grammar and naming issues throughout the document.  Naming issues refer to correcting governing bodies director titles, age groups and programs (Hockey Basics, U7, U8, etc.)