Purchasing Director (Hespeler Minor Hockey Association)

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Purchasing Director


The Purchasing Director shall:
● Secure request for proposal from vendors to ensure HMHA is
receiving timely, valuable and quality for all goods and services
exceeding $1,000. This role excludes the purchase of ice for the
● Present request for proposals to the board at the appropriate
monthly board meeting prior to purchase for consideration based
on quality, costs, designs, turn-around time, and length of term for
required contracts with service providers and/or
● Enter into contracts and purchase orders upon board approval
based upon specific lengths of term for all purchases which fall
under the duties of the Purchasing Director.
● Select the Approved Vendor and bring it to the Board each May, or
end of contract term, for a vote to confirm HMHA’s Approved
● Laisse directly with any Director, Convener Coach, or/and
Manager on a regular basis to determine purchasing
● Laisse directly with the Equipment Director to determine the best
quality equipment versus cost when selecting from the Approved