Communications Director (Hespeler Minor Hockey Association)

PrintCommunications Director



·      Ensure travel teams submit results of playoffs and year end tournaments and post on website

·      HL day of champs results and pics posted to site.

·      Attend AGM – take pictures and make notes for story for website and media regarding life member, new board, league and OMHA championship banner presentations.


·      Assure new board list is posted on website. Delete hl schedules, rosters and results. Add name of new life member, travel coach names, registration fees and details.

·      Bring forward golf tourney to front of home page. Place ad or article on foursomes needed.

·      Book road signs (Lawson signs) for Townline/401, Queen St west near beer store and Ellis road in front of area advertising registration beginning June 1. Invoice to be sent to HMHA.

·      Bring registration to front page of website. Post updated ‘information for new parents” and “parents guide”.


·      Update communications position description

·      Check HMHA emails from website

·      Send bulk email reminder about registration open. (or voice message)

·      HMHA players in the nhl/ahl playoffs- write story for web


·      Send reminder via bulk email re July 15 early bird deadline and posting on website

·      Check [email protected] email daily

·      Begin August newsletter to be emailed to members

·      Parent handbook updated and placed on website.

·      Review rules of op and bylaw regarding any changes and recommend to president.

·      Fax hmha info to city for publication in activities guide released in August. (mailed to us).


·      August 15 deadline for submissions for August newsletter to be emailed to membership and posted on website

·      3rd week of August Email newsletter to membership

·      Check [email protected] email daily

·      Signs up in town regarding checking website for schedule and info. One week –Lawson Signs.

·      Possible ad in Cambridge Times ¼ page $400 advertising registration and CHIP program.

·      Email CHIP parents - New to HMHA info.


·      Post ice times for sept for hl and travel on web.

·      Post mouthguard and goaltender clinic info on web.

·      Submit Olympics to SNAP for publication in calendar.

·      Review info on website to be sure it’s current and correct

·      Check [email protected] email daily


·      Check [email protected] email at least once a week

·      Reminder email to travel coaches to forward team success stories for web and newspaper.


·      Check [email protected] email at least once a week

·      Begin set up and publication of Olympics program

·      Produce November newsletter and email to members by Nov 15. Post on website.


·      Check [email protected] email at least once a week

·      Complete Olympics program

·      Stories on web about Olympics, team successes, travel and house league schedules.

·      Notice on website about tournaments in January and shuffling of ice and times for parents


·      Notice on website about tournaments in January and shuffling off ice and times for parents.

·      Coach applications story on web. Playoff schedules on web.


·      Begin Day of Champs/ March newsletter.

·      Begin HL Olympics tournament program for publication and posting on website.


·      March 20 deadline for all content to be submitted for March/Day of Champs newsletter

·      Third week - newsletter ready for distribution to travel banquet and hl day of champs

·      Post newsletter on website

·      Send reminder email to members via email about AGM and Golf tournament

·      Notice placed in newspaper for AGM 3 weeks prior to date.