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HMHA is pleased to announce a partnership with G&G Skate Training Centre.  Their program specializes in helping hockey players from youth to professional levels improve their speed, conditioning and skating mechanics.
Team Training

2-1/2 hours for 15 skaters, 5 groups of 3 players each receiving 30 minutes of shooting on the rapid shot and 30 minutes of Skating treadmill.  Cost for this is $225.00 plus tax per team.

3 Hour Team Training - Same as above but with the goalies also doing goalie specific training on the treadmill and also shooting on the rapid shot lane.  Cost for this is  $250.00 plus tax per team.

3 hour Team Training - 15 Skaters with 3 groups of 5 skaters with each group of 5 getting 1 hour of skating on the treadmill and 50 minutes of off ice training.  Goalies can be included in the off ice training at no additional cost.  Cost for this is $300.00 plus tax per team.

Individual Training

30 Minute Rapid Shot shooting - $10.00 plus tax per person.  15 - Rapid Shot shooting sessions. Reg Price of $125.00.  Individual Pricing for Players is $100.00 plus tax.

60 Minute Treadmill only - Maximum of 4 skaters per hour. Book of 10 sessions is $250.00 plus tax.  Trial session for players that have not been here is $20.00 plus tax

60 Minute Skating and Shooting - Maximum of 4 skaters per hour.  2 players on treadmill for 30 minutes and 2 players on rapid shot shooting for 30 minutes and then switching.  Book of 10 sessions is $250.00.  Trial session for players that have not been here for this is $20.00 plus tax.

Both of the above sessions only require 1 of the 10 session packs as the sessions can be used for both skating and skating and shooting.

90 Minute Skating, Shooting and Off Ice Training - 2 groups of 2 each receiving 30 minutes of skating and 30 minutes of shooting and both groups do 30 minutes of Off Ice Training.  Cost for this is $35.00 per session.  This is available only on Thursday Nights.

Parents wanting to schedule individual bookings please state that they are with Hespeler Minor Hockey when they book. This can be done in the notes section of the appointment.  They will then get this pricing when they come in and pay for the sessions.

Contact G&G Skate Training Centre and schedule your teams or an individual appointment today.  www.gandgskatetraining.com

Contact Chris England at 
[email protected] for further details.

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